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Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services

Environmental Site Assessments: Real Estate transactions involving potential buyers, sellers, and lending institutions have become increasingly more complex with the strict financial and legal liability associated with property contaminated with hazardous and regulated substances. DES has assisted a multitude of clients by performing comprehensive environmental site assessments in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines, including the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and state Site Characterization Guidance.

DES uses a phased approach to conducting site assessments in order to cost effectively identify potential problems associated with the subject property prior to the transaction. This phased approach is used on vacant, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The following briefly outlines each phase of assessment:

Site Transaction Screen
- Site Walk Over
- State and Federal Database
and File Review
- ASTM Questionnaire
- Interview with Owner/Operator

Phase I: Site Assessment
- Site Historical Evaluation
- Site Evaluations and Walk-Over
- State and Federal Database and File Review
- Aerial Photograph and Insurance Map Review
- Extensive Interviews

Phase II: Site Characterization
- Site Investigation Oversight
- Sample Data Analysis/Interpretation


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