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Project Experience: Waterbury Plating Company

Client: Waterbury Plating Company

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut

Project: Environmental Audit for Electroplating Company


  Performed a water, process chemical, and wastewater treatment audit on an automatic nickel electroplating line for the client. The audit involved assessing the volume and cost of water required to adequately rinse the metal parts after nickel plating, the volume of rinsewater and concentration of nickel plating solution requiring treatment prior to discharge, the cost of the rinsewater treatment and associated disposal costs.

  Based on the initial audit, it was recommended to install an ion exchange system to remove the nickel solution from the rinsewater and recycle the water back to the rinse tank. The concentrated nickel solution from the ion exchange regeneration was reused in the nickel plating tanks. This process recycled 10 gallons per minute of water to reduce water usage, plating solution replenishment, and treatment and disposal costs. The payback on this investment was less than six months.