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Project Experience: Town of Hamden

Client: Town of Hamden

Location: Hamden, Connecticut

Project: Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring at Landfill


  Performed monitoring, sampling, and analysis of groundwater monitoring wells, and surface water locations at the closed landfill to meet post-closure requirements. The program included quarterly monitoring of groundwater levels, purging of the wells, monitoring the pH, conductivity, and temperature in triplicate, and obtaining samples for certified laboratory analysis. Surface water locations included upstream and downstream samples locations, along with leachate runoff points within the confines of the landfill. All sampling and analysis were performed in accordance with standard EPA and CTDEP protocol and QA/QC procedures. A quarterly report was prepared for submittal to the Town, as well as a summary of the four quarterly reports in an annual report, which included historical trends and statistical analysis.