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Project Experience: Textron Lycoming

Client: Textron Lycoming

Location: Stratford, Connecticut

Project: Statistical Grid Sampling for Hazardous waste


  Performed sampling and laboratory analysis of ten soil piles contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, metals, and PCB's. The sampling plan developed follows the SW-846 protocol for "Random Sampling" to provide a 95% statistical confidence factor. Each soil pile was divided into equal sized grids and statistically accurate number of composite samples is taken from randomly selected grids. All sampling is being performed according to standard EPA protocol and strict QA/QC procedures for decontamination of equipment; sample preparation, preservation and tracking; and laboratory analyses.

  The analysis performed is statistically evaluated to determine the applicability to Federal and State Hazardous, Regulated, and Nonhazardous wastes. Upon completion of the evaluation, each soil pile, or parts thereof, was designated for CTDEP allowable on site usage (if nonhazardous) or off site disposal depending on the nature of the waste.