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Environmental Services: Storage Tank Management

The USEPA and CTDEP adopted standards and regulations in 1988 for owners and operators of underground storage tanks (USTs), with a 1998 deadline for compliance with upgrading or removing existing regulated tank systems. These regulations, along with applicable local regulations burden anyone who owns or operates an underground storage tank. Residential fuel oil tanks, while not currently regulated by federal or state laws, are being required to meet certain guidelines by state and local authorities. Standards and regulations for Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) are still being developed and have significant requirements that must be met.

DES engineers are prepared to meet the challenge of compliance by selecting the equipment and methods of detection suited to the client's specific needs, and the development of an effective mechanism to protect the client's assets and financial interests. Our experience in meeting these challenges requires our staff to be familiar with applicable laws and regulations, and understand the latest technologies pertaining to USTs and ASTs.

The engineering staff at DES possess the experience necessary to design, remove, and install USTs and ASTs, perform passive and intrusive investigations and corrective action relating to leaking or abandoned tanks, and investigate and maintain the compliance of the client's tanks.

DES can provide the following specific services relating to tanks:
      UST/AST Management and Consulting Services
      Subsurface and Geophysical Investigations
      Replacement/Removal/Upgrade Design and Supervision
      Construction Administration
      UST Testing
       UST Closures
       UST Clean Up Fund Reimbursements

The complete UST/AST Management Program offered by DES is made up of various components that fit together in an overall plan. Although any one of these components can be offered as a separate service, they function best as a total approach.

 Risk Assessment/Inventory Analysis
 Tank Evaluation and Testing
 Tank System Design
 Construction Management

Risk Assessment/Inventory Analysis (RA/IA)

Every UST/AST facility has some level of environmental risk. Assessing the level of risk involves the identification and evaluation of many factors. DES' staff has the expertise to address all of these factors.

Although a single facility can be analyzed by the above methods, our strength resides in our ability to investigate multiple facilities with a large quantity of different age tanks and environments. The complete inventory of tanks owned by a client are systematically risk graded based on age, size, location, soil corrosivity, materials of construction, groundwater sensitivity, regulations and product contained. Each factor is given a weighted score, which places the tank on a priority list for some type of action. Once this raw data is compiled and sorted, we meet with the client and discuss future tank needs, facility changes, energy conversions and budgetary constraints.

Our view is that no plan is complete until there is a workable approach that the client can afford to implement. The final result of the RA/IA is a report and budget that outlines the successive courses of action and their approximate costs. Each plan is greatly affected by the actual results of implementation and must remain flexible to changing circumstances.


Environmental Consulting Services