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Environmental Services: Soil Science Services

Soil Science is the interpretation of soil characteristics and landscape to determine the practical and prudent uses of our natural resources. DES offers a variety of soil/landscape analyses including high intensity soil surveys; preliminary land evaluations for development potential; contaminated soil remediation studies; wetlands delineation based on soil types; and verification or enhancement of existing soil survey information.

When the soil characteristics and extent of the soil types have been determined for a site, our soil scientists can determine the impacts of development or other uses upon the natural resources and provide testimony before regulatory boards of the site's potential. Interpretative maps of the soil potentials are routinely prepared to enhance and clarify the site impact analysis.

DES has assembled an expert staff of soil scientists and engineers who are available to assist the private and public sector in the review of natural resource ordinances to insure they are environmentally sound and scientifically accurate.

DES offers the following soil science services:
Preliminary Land Evaluations for Development Potential
Verification or Enhancement of Existing Soil Types
Wetland Delineations Based on Soil Types
Soil Impact Analyses on Development Sites
Contaminated Soil Remediation Studies
Soil Interpretations and Correlations
High Intensity Soil Mapping
Soil Characterization Studies
Soil Field Days, Seminars, and Courses


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