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Project Experience: Shopping Plaza

Client: Shopping Plaza

Location: Plainville, Connecticut

Project: Combination Phase I/II Investigation


  DES was retained on behalf of the buyer to conduct a Phase I ESA. During DES' investigation it was discovered that a dry cleaner occupied one of the storefronts up until the 1980's. A CTDEP Emergency Incident Report indicated approximately 5 gallons of a petroleum-based dry cleaning solvent flowed into the floor drain dry-well resulting in the removal of approximately 80 cubic feet of contaminated soil in 1986. Samples collected indicated no volatiles were detected and TPH concentrations were below Remediation Standard Regulations. DES performed groundwater samples from the 5 pre-existing monitoring wells on the subject site. Laboratory analysis confirmed the concentrations of petroleum based chemicals were well below any of the CTDEP Remediation Standards or not detected at all. The buyer submitted DES' report to the lending institution, financing was approved, and the property sale was completed with assurance to the buyer.