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Water Treatment Systems: Sediment Filters

Description: Sediment filters consist of a housing with a sump in which the filter is inserted, and a top. Small housings are usually suspended directly from the water line or from a mounting bracket. The housings are usually made of plastic, and in smaller filters the sump is removable for cartridge replacement.

Several types of cartridges are available for use with these filters:

- fibrous material for sediment reduction

- activated carbon for taste and odor reduction

- chemical additive for protection of plumbing from corrosive water

- specialty cartridges for reduction of specific contaminants

Pretreatment Requirements: One of the most common pretreatment requirements is the reduction of excessive turbidity. Feedwater that is not clear may prematurely clog the filter cartridge. Since most of these filters do not allow backwashing, the cartridges will have to be changed when they become clogged. To avoid too frequent changing of cartridges, a less expensive sediment filter will do a very effective job in the reduction of sediment levels.

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