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Project Experience: RFG Realty

Client: RFG Realty, Inc.

Location: Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Project: Groundwater Remediation


  Perform operation and maintenance of an 85 gallon per minute air stripper to reduce total Volatile Organic Components (300 ppb) (Specifically trichloroethylene and 1,1,1 trichloroethane) to below Drinking Water Standards or Action Levels (less than 5 ppb). The system had been operating for fifteen months with significant decreases in on site groundwater contamination in accordance with a consent order issued by the Connecticut DEP.

  Sixteen groundwater monitoring wells were sampled quarterly to evaluate the quality of the deep and shallow upgradient and downgradient aquifers. Monitoring included groundwater elevations in each well, on site analysis of pH, temperature and conductivity in triplicate. All information and analytical data has been presented to the CTDEP In a quarterly report that includes groundwater flow directions and an overall evaluation of the site and treatment system. All sampling and analysis are performed according to standard EPA protocol and strict QA/QC procedures. The system was shut down after levels of contaminants were reduced to within clean up standards. The CTDEP was petitioned to terminate the O & M and monitoring at the site based on the overall effectiveness of the program.