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Water Treatment Systems: Oxidizing Filters

Description: A class of water filters that reduce water contamination by exposing the unwanted substance to a strong oxidizing agent causing them to form a precipitate. A filter media then traps the precipitate which is flushed from the filter during backwash. Oxidizing filters are effective for the reduction of iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, and unwanted gases. The filter system may have a separate tank in which the oxidation/precipitation occurs, followed by a tank with sand or other media to trap the precipitate; or it may use one tank for both processes. A solution tank may also be included for storing the regeneration solution.

Pretreatment Requirements: Oxidizing filters are generally not affected by water hardness levels or TDS levels. pH may have a negative effect on some types of filters. Oxidizing filters require pretreatment only for water high in suspended solids. These solids may plug small orifices in the injector system. A prefilter is required in this case.

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