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Water Treatment Systems: Nitrate/Sulfate Reduction System

Description: A class of ion exchange water conditioning equipment which uses a Type II strong base anion exchange resin for the reduction of nitrates and sulfates in a water supply. Regeneration is accomplished with sodium chloride (NaCl). A nitrate/sulfate reduction system resembles a water softening system with a mineral tank, control valve, and a brine tank. The resin in the mineral tank, however, is an anion resin instead of a cation resin.

Pretreatment Requirements: The raw water must be tested before the Nitrate/Sulfate system is installed. On water with hardness levels above three (3) grains per gallon (52 ppm), a cation water softener is necessary to reduce the hardness level. The softener must be installed ahead of the nitrate/sulfate system. If no softener is installed, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) will precipitate in the anion bed and foul it. The minimal testing program should include the following:

1. Sediment: Excessive turbidity (in excess of 1 NTU) may block the exchange sites and plug the resin bed causing extensive pressure drop. If sediment is present, prefiltration of the water should be considered.

2. Iron: A anion exchange system does not reduce ferrous iron in a water supply. A separate iron filter will be needed upstream as well.

4. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): TDS levels above 500 ppm will interfere with the exchange sites on the resin beads and must be reduced.

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