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Environmental Services: Hydrogeologic and Field Services

DES has a strong record of success in environmental investigation and monitoring. We collect, analyze, validate, and evaluate data in a cost-effective manner for our clients, while meeting the stringent expectations of the regulatory agencies.

In order to manage a variety of structural, soil, and groundwater problems, DES has developed an expert team of geologists, hydrogeologists, scientists, engineers, and field technicians. This highly specialized team has allowed DES to be in the forefront of evaluation and management of hydrogeological, geological, and groundwater issues.

DES provides our clients with state-of-the-art geophysical techniques and field services, which can be employed as a more cost effective substitute over costly drilling and intrusive sampling methods.

Hydrogeological services and geophysical techniques provided by DES include the following:

Subsurface Test Boring and Soil Sampling

Well Design, Installation, Sampling, and Analysis of Groundwater

Surficial Soil Gas Survey with Semi-Quantitative Vapor Analysis

Design and Implementation of Groundwater and Soil Treatment Systems

Geophysical Investigation with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Magnetometer, Field Conductivity, and Electrical Resistivity

Groundwater, Surface Water, Soil, and Wastewater Sampling Programs


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