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Environmental Services: Environmental Auditing and Risk Management Services

Environmental audits and risk assessments are often used to determine if a facility is in compliance with environmental regulations and to assess the environmental risks associated with the facility. A comprehensive audit evaluates all of the facility's processes, storage facilities, emission points, past releases, operating procedures, management structure, enforcement history, waste management practices, and environmental records. An environmental auditor or audit team must be knowledgeable in all facets of environmental management, regulations, and risk assessment techniques. A thorough audit will identify deficiencies in environmental management procedures and control systems, significant environmental risks, and non-compliance with regulations. This information can become the basis for an effective environmental risk management program.

Audits are frequently requested by companies that anticipate purchasing industrial operations and by environmental insurance underwriters. Many companies have audits conducted periodically as part of their corporate environmental risk management programs. Implementing the recommendations from the audit can help most companies reduce their environmental risks and liabilities. DES' staff will work with its clients to develop effective environmental risk management strategies.

Specific auditing and risk management services provided by DES include:

Comprehensive environmental audits and risk assessment surveys
Environmental liability reduction and risk management programs
Multimedia regulatory compliance audits
Corporate environmental structure evaluations
Oil, chemical, and waste storage system evaluations
Environmental exposure and health risk assessments


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