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Drinking Water Home

    The necessity and function of water conditioning equipment is well known. Equally important is the correct installation of the equipment into the existing plumbing system. Due to the fact that most treatment systems are "tied" into existing water supply and drainage systems, there exists a potential for contamination. Installation in most municipalities is governed by a plumbing code which can be enforced by local inspection. Improper installations are not only hazardous, but can also cost more if correction must be made.

    This is where experience comes into play. Since 1996, DES has installed and serviced more than 500 potable 5 11 water treatment systems in homes, apartment buildings, condominium complexes, restaurants, schools, private office buildings, banks, local and state buildings, and industrial facilities throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. With this experience we are able to respond to all of our customers potable water needs.

  5 11   Water treatment systems are designed according to the customers needs based on the quality of their water, contaminant levels, water volume used, and the intended use of the water. DES installs Point-Of-Entry (POE) systems to treat all water as it enters the house or building, or specific Point-Of-Use systems to treat only certain needs such as drinking water, ice makers, cooking, process water, and others specific applications.

    After testing your current water, DES can then assess what remediation system is best for your own specific needs. For more information on specific types of 5 11 water treatment systems that DES currently installs/services, click on the link below or email us at: info@desct.com with any of your concerns or questions.

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