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Project Experience: CTDEP - Potable Water Treatment

Client: Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Project: Potable Water Treatment Contract for Residential and Commercial Contaminated Drinking Water.


  DES was awarded a contract by the State of Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection (CTDEP) in 1996 to engineer, install, and maintain treatment systems capable of treating contaminated potable water in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. Since the contract award, DES has installed and serviced more than 500 water treatment systems for the CTDEP.

  All treatment systems designed and installed under this contract meet the strict requirements of the CTDEP and Connecticut Department of Public Health. Most systems include Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters for the removal of gasoline (including MTBE), fuel oil, chlorinated solvents, and pesticides. Aeration systems have been installed for extremely high concentrations of volatile organic compounds in place of, or in addition to the GAC filters. Pretreatment and post treatment systems have been installed at numerous locations to neutralize acidic water, remove hardness, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide which can foul the GAC filters, and treat coliform bacteria and e.coli.

  A typical CTDEP potable water treatment system designed to remove volatile organic contaminants consists of a 5 micron sediment filter designed to capture any sediment or debris entering from the main water supply line, two (2) two cubic foot granular activated carbon filters, and a 5 micron post filter to ensure sediment free drinking water.

  Below are two examples of potable water treatment systems engineered and installed by DES.


Standard GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Filter Systems