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Project Experience: Aetna

Client: Aetna Life & Casualty

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Project: Environmental Compliance


  Contracted as the environmental consultant for various in house projects at Aetna. DES compiled and completed various water discharge permits for Aetna locations in Hartford, Windsor, and Middletown were compiled and completed, with treatment system design, evaluation, and certification.

  Also, completed a permit application with notifications to the Connecticut DEP and the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) (Sewer Authority) for the discharge of vehicle maintenance facility washwater. This project included the design of a unique oil/water separator and transfer system to be installed in the basement of the facility. The system required approval from the CTDEP and MDC since it was not a standard design per the State of Connecticut Regulations. The installation and startup of the separator system was supervised with influent and effluent samples taken to verify the effectiveness of oil removal to meet the discharge limits.

  Supervise the removal and closure of USTs at all three facilities, including on site soil sample monitoring with a Photoionization Detector, confirmation sampling and analysis, contaminated soil transportation and disposal, and report preparation. Upon completion of tank removals, SPCC plans were prepared for all three facilities due to the volume of aboveground and underground storage tank chemical storage.